Brutal confessions of a lesbian.

Just what it says on the tin. Plus drama.

An intimidating one night stand.

Much to your surprise no doubt, I've only ever had one one night stand. And to tell that tale, I'm going to paint you a picture similar to an awkward rom-com. It's a Wednesday night, I'm eager to drink myself... Continue Reading →

Ever wondered what it would be like to have sex with a mute?

Once upon a time I was seeing this girl for ever-so-slightly selfish reasons. I was being paid to write about dating and somehow this girl struck up a conversation with me. Now, this was so long ago now I can't... Continue Reading →

That time I didn’t realise I’d agreed to a relationship. 

I'm not sure what it is, or how I manage it, but you may have noticed I land myself in a variety of awkward situations. For this one, I'm not going to change her name, and you'll soon understand why. ... Continue Reading →

The time a boner made me sick. 

Once upon a time I was trying my hardest to be straight. But instead, I landed myself in a variety of awkward situations. If anything, this has made me the favourite story-teller of my friend group. So where do I begin?  Let’s go way back. A friend of mine was staying at my house and […]

The butt plug keeper.

We have little time to pack our stuff and check out. Suddenly, Satan looks at me, "where the hell is the butt plug?" I had no idea.

Yes I really did go out with someone who spoke so highly of herself… 

I tend to have this habit of remembering the strangest little moments when I least expect it. When I was with an ex of mine - FYI one of the craziest - I kept a few things from my best... Continue Reading →

That time I watched my girlfriend suck off my housemate.

Oh hey, it's story time. I've had this one saved for a while, it's a firm favourite story amongst my friends and just needs to be shared.  So here goes. Where do I start... I may have mentioned Sarah* before.... Continue Reading →

5 things that piss me off about being a lesbian.

There are many things that piss me off about being a lesbian. In fact, I could probably lecture on it. I'd have a PowerPoint full of facts and figures, well presented in Helvetica with the occasional picture of someone hot.... Continue Reading →

The domino effect of history.

People fascinate me on the best of days. I'm naturally intrigued as to how they go about their everyday lives, often living completely differently behind the front they present. Of course we all have secrets. As you get to know... Continue Reading →

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