Yesterday a colleague of mine said when she was with her ex boyfriend she didn’t want to hear anything about his exes. She didn’t want to hear or know anything about the people he had had sex with previously, and definitely didn’t want him to be in touch with any of his exes still. Insecurity maybe? I guess you could say it’s unnecessary to discuss who was there before you.

Let me enlighten you. This isn’t the same for lesbians.

It could be the first date and they’ll be pulling out the ex card. No doubt, they’re still friends with at least one or two of them. Hell, they might even text one of them to tell them how the date is going when you nip off for a piss.

Maybe it’s just a girl thing. Maybe we see a break up with a girl similarly to an argument with a best friend. We want a solution, and we still want them to be our friend at the end of it. The thing is with lesbian relationships, they’re often like having a really really good best friend, who you fuck regularly. And girls seem to love having loads of girl friends to go shopping with, even if once upon time they spent their evenings sitting on each other’s faces in turn.




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