This is something that really fu**s me off. Girls that think they are incredible and totally priceless. My ex girlfriend falls into this category. A girl that had always been with men until me, minus a few dates with women that had gone tits up and scared her off slightly. So unfortunately for me, all those years of ‘let downs’ with the opposite sex (and a few crazy lesbians) had led her to believe she deserved the best, ever. 

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t value yourself relatively highly, we all need to know what we deserve and how we deserve to be treated. After all, nobody should be walked all over.

However, my previous experiences have been lessons for future relationships, not the basis for writing off every single thing that doesn’t resemble wooing an actual princess. I’ve been cheated on, multiple times, which has taught me not to take someone back so easily after an infidelity. That doesn’t mean that if my girlfriend looks in the direction of anyone else I’m going to cut one of her tits off in her sleep.

My most recent ex however would tell me what I “should have said” in a variety of situations. She lived about a half an hour drive away from me, so on one occasion I was about to head home for an evening with my housemate. In this instance, me heading home to spend a night in with someone else (God forbid…) I should have offered her to come with me. Apparently. Now that made me unthoughtful.

Since when has wanting an evening in with someone else equalled unthoughtful?

Maybe I should be blaming all the others. The other women who made her believe they were interested only to do a runner. The other men who also cheated on her, scared her away with baby clothes or didn’t live up to her expectations.

Maybe I should have also done a runner when she told me an ex boyfriend had frankly informed her she was looking for something she would never find. Her completely unrealistic expectations as difficult as a job application questionnaire. So, perhaps I am to blame, perhaps I wasn’t enough, or perhaps I was enough to my own ability and she was trying to mould me into someone that would worship the ground she walked on?

Nevertheless, I realised early on that being told I wasn’t thoughtful enough and could never be made to be wasn’t what I wanted. Even though I have doubted my own commitment and effort in relationships since, I’m happy in knowing I am no longer being made to feel worthless. Now she can stick that up her royal arse.


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