People fascinate me on the best of days. I’m naturally intrigued as to how they go about their everyday lives, often living completely differently behind the front they present. Of course we all have secrets. As you get to know people you start to gradually understand what makes them tick, what really pisses them off and how their experiences have shaped them.

Yesterday a few things kinda struck me. And it feels stupid to voice it, but I’m going to anyway: How different people can be amazes me.

Their traits, their moods, everything. I’ve gone from being told I’m unthoughtful and inconsiderate to being the centre of someone else’s world. Unfortunately, my previous experiences have slightly warped how I accept things people say to me. I often don’t believe it, or I doubt their sincerity. This isn’t personal to the person, I could trust them with my life and still not believe when they say something particularly heartfelt.

Which, in all honesty, pisses me off. It frustrates me that the odd arsehole can have a domino effect on later life. This is something I continue to try and work on. I don’t want their words to harm what other people say, or make me doubt that they really mean it. Sure, those things affected me, but for now, I’m trying to write them off as hearsay.