You’ve probably read this title, frowned a little and thought ‘what the hell is she on about?’ Well, my friends, let me tell you.

Once upon a time, I had a boyfriend. Hard to believe, right? And it gets weirder… We were together for nearly two years. And in that time, I never even slept with him. So when you go reading my blogs and calling me a hoe (I can kinda see your point in some cases, okay…) just remember that fact will you.

awkward wave

ANYWAY. Whenever I was out with said boyfriend, Paul* would always see guys he knew, and it didn’t matter where we were, but they would always exchange this strange little nod. Sometimes it would be followed by a hello, a (very manly) handshake or a raise of the hand that wasn’t-quite-a-wave. A bit like that awkward wave we do when a car lets us pass and we feel the need to say thank you.

ANYWAY number two… I never really understood this whole nod business. I couldn’t really pull it off, I just kinda looked like my neck had temporarily snapped every time I tried. Yet, now that I’ve come prancing out the closet (no, really, I am that poncy) I’ve come to realise that lesbians also have their own nod of acknowledgement.

Recently I went to V fest, Pink was headlining (oh hot daaaaaaamn) and the crowd was full of lesbians on full alert. Everywhere my girlfriend and I went we saw gays gay gays. I’m not complaining. It was great that Pink brought them out from wherever they’d been hiding. But I’ve never had so many nods aimed at me in my life.

That look of ‘HELLO THERE FELLOW GAY’ was a common occurrence, until Jay Z took over on Sunday and then I was surrounded by wannabe gangsters.



*Of course I’m going to change his name.



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