Just the other day I was talking to my best friend about what constitutes lesbian sex. Now, I hate when people ask me that, or comment on any of the following in fact:

“But is it really sex?”

“Isn’t it just foreplay?”

“If you’re using a strap on, don’t you just want d*ck?”

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So, what did I do? I brought up this question with said best friend, with the conclusion that there is in fact, a grey area. 

Let me explain. If a guy goes down on a girl and nothing else happens, that’s just oral. If she does down on him (bad idea, don’t do it girl), then it leads elsewhere, that’s foreplay and sex. Right? So sure, I can see the confusion. Because if I sit on a girl’s face and then head out to eat elsewhere (NAM, get me some chicken) what does that count as?

Said friend gave me her own justification, and it went a little like this…

  1. Both parties must have equal participation. There is no room for pillow princesses here.
  2. Sitting on their face and then having them sit on yours is just weird. Apparently…

While another concluded:

“If I don’t come, it doesn’t count…”

To me, I’m all in agreement with point one. It doesn’t matter how you get there, the journey is the fun part, don’t you agree?

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