Brutal confessions of a lesbian.

Just what it says on the tin. Plus drama.

A little memory post.

Yesterday I found out my Nan's husband passed away. My Mum called me as I was laying in bed, having just sent her a text to say goodnight and that I'd speak to her the next day. Her ringing me... Continue Reading →

Is there an NDA in relationships? 

Do we only reveal the stories we want to tell? Maybe there's an unspoken NDA in relationships that I simply don't live by.

The different types of love.

This is a shout to my best friend. Among a few other people. And things, I suppose.

Protected: A slightly soppy confession…

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

What Little Mix has taught us about relationships. 

You've probably heard it a million times. The song is somewhat of a curse. But actually, if you listen to it, Little Mix have got a point. This is exactly how we see relationships in 2017.

Love is a bit like fresh chicken.

I like to think love is a bit like fresh chicken. Bought at a time when you felt motivated to cook, only to sit in your fridge and gradually stink the whole house out.

Lesbians are a bit like a bad smell.

My experience with women is a rather strange one. During these experiences I've come to realise something. Lesbians are a bit like a bad smell that just won't go away. No matter how much Febreeze you use.

If women had boners, mine would have shrivelled and died.

It's human nature to have things that turn us on, but what about what turns us off?

That time I went to the ballet.

Once upon a time for a split second I was a civilised ballet-goer. Then the interval hit, we looked at one another, unsure on what the other was thinking. "Rock paper scissors?"

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